23 September 2008

welcoming westboro

The Westboro Church (of godhatesfags.com fame) will be coming to protest the Nebraska VA Tech Game on Saturday, September 27 @ 5 - 7.

We'll be having a flash dinner mob (aka a potluck picnic) near their protest (N. 10th St. & Salt Creek). If you want to bring signs, we're aiming for non-confrontational gender subversion, like the slogans below:

"My dad wears dresses"
"My mom wears combat boots"
"I pee standing up"
"I pee sitting down"
"I kiss frogs"
"I eat orchids"
"I heart carrots"
"I heart hairy women"
"Guys with lipstick turn me on"
"Pussies in the White House" (with a cat drawing)

Come up with your own! Randomness is encouraged!

Please no anti-religious statements or "you" statements.

07 September 2008

speak out against violence

In October, the UNL Women's Center will present the Week w/o Violence, including a Speak Out Against Violence open mic. If you have anything you want to say that you feel as if you can't say yourself, Gender Dissolv will attempt to say it for you. Submit to genderdissolv@gmail.com.

04 September 2008

go forth and make the revolution happen

Spread the word of the revolution, but here are the guidelines:
  • No permanent markings/vandalism (use something temporary or washable like chalk)
  • No personal attacks or threats
  • Nothing incongruous with the goals of the movement (this one's obvious)

03 September 2008

order for the sake of order is just shit that clogs the toilet

All [people] recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the [authority], when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.

if you want to get involved

Here are some things you can do to show your support:
  • Check this site regularly
  • Share blog posts you like with friends over email, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  • Add Gender Dissolv as a friend on Facebook
  • Remove your "sex" from your Facebook profile
  • Print out this poster and hang it up around campus and in Lincoln

look for the signs

Look to the ground
For it is from under
That we gather strength

The mark is at your feet
You'll see the signs at city campus
Carry a camera or phone
Post the pictures on your Facebook
Send them to your friends

Look to the ground
For it is from one another
That we build our foundation

the gender revolution is here

Believers don't go on without advocating
Post these at your watchposts
On your doors
On your bathroom stalls
On your cars
Leave these at your tables
At your desks
At your office spaces
At your favorite stores
Print four or five
Spread the gospel of your commitment
To the movement
Go forth Gender Enders

(Spread the word, but please don't kill too many trees. Trees are Gender Enders, too.)